What the Heck is Bacon Jerky?



      We're all familiar with beef jerky as the succulent, dehydrated cousin of a mouthwatering steak. But when it comes to our bodacious Bacon Jerky, we often get comments like "What is bacon jerky?" or "I thought bacon was already jerky," (It's not.) Well, there's no reason to overthink it, because bacon jerky is exactly what it sounds like.

Breakfast Style Bacon Jerky

Our carefully formulated process for handcrafting the best bacon jerky in the world starts with real strips of juicy, uncured bacon that are marinated and seasoned with meticulously selected flavors and spices. After the strips have marinated for the perfect amount of time, they are transferred into our state-of-the art dehydrators, where the marinades and seasonings are baked into the bacon to create perfect flavor harmony, and the moisture is slowly removed from the meat so that when the bacon is ready to be packaged, we have a heavenly, ready-to-eat bacon that can be enjoyed right out of the package. 

So, what the heck is bacon jerky? In simpler terms, it's bacon-to-go, and what snack could be better than that?