Branch Warren's forefathers were cattlemen and beef jerky was a staple of their existence. A century and a half later he is still carrying on that tradition with time honored recipes that we guarantee you will love. Branch was born in Texas and spent his early childhood on a cattle ranch. On that ranch is where he learned the value of hard work. He later moved to the Ft. Worth area where he began bodybuilding and ultimately became a world champion professional bodybuilder. During this time is when Branch learned the importance of having a high-quality protein food source that is hormone free and all natural. Throughout his life Branch has loved jerky and wanted to own his own company. So after retiring from competitive bodybuilding Branch wanted to pass on his healthy lifestyle and time-honored family recipes to you. Once you open a bag and take the first bite, we guarantee you will love the wickedly awesome flavor of Wicked Cutz.

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My forefathers settled west of Wichita Falls, TX. With hard work and strong character they scratched out a honest living. Those values were passed down from generation to generation down to my grandfather Branch Higgins to my mother Lois Lea Higgins. My mother married my father William G Warren and I spent my child hood growing up on the same land my predecessors settled a century earlier. My mother taught me the same lessons her parents taught her. "Nobody is gonna give you anything, but you can have anything you want if you work hard and earn it." Those values have served me well in life. You can taste the tradition in every bite of Wicked Cutz. I guarantee you will love it.
-Branch Warren 3 men