You are the salt to our pepper, but not just any old salt, you're the salt that demands a BITE and so we've delivered. Smoked in a bed of flavorful bliss and peppered to perfection, this Jerky lines up all of your taste buds and peppers them with love and affection. Trust us... your taste buds will thank you, all 10,000 of them!

BBQ Mesquite is no ordinary jerky, it's a blast of Western Culture wrangled with a lasso and beat down in BBQ sauce by a herd of wild Buffalo. Our flavor is so pronounce and our taste is so delicious, this jerky will leave even the most loyal Pitmasters wishing they had more. Be careful though... this jerky will make those first place Pitmaster trophies from the local showdown look like child's play!

This package includes 1 of each of our beef Jerky flavors: BBQ Mesquite, Original Peppered, and Volcanic Jalapeño!!!

Size: 2.75oz each

Volcanic Jalapeno starts as a southern bell and erupts like a boxing kangaroo with a caffeine addiction. Just like an active volcano, the sweet and smooth first bite slowly builds into a hot and spicy eruption that will leave you begging for more. Flavored with 5 different peppers and blended with proprietary spices, this jerky will have you ready to tackle Mount St. Helens by the time you finish it!