Stuck in Montana


We went to Montana to shoot content because I couldn’t think of a more
natural place for a Jerky shoot. The Flathead valley which is next to Glacier
National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world. With towering
snowcapped mountain peaks, raging rivers full of fish, glaciers, a lush Forrest
with abundant wildlife from Grizzlies to deer to eagles. It’s truly amazing.
Jerky is perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, riding snow machines, or
any activity you can think of in the mountains.

We picked an incredible spot in the mountains to film. Although there
had been a lot of snow fall the guys felt we could still make the trip up
the mountain. In the rush to leave we didn’t bring shovels, or a tow chain.

What can go wrong will go wrong. Several miles up the mountain the
snow got deeper and deeper. We hit a patch of ice and slid off the road
and buried the truck in 3 feet of snow. No cell service, no tools to dig
out. We sent one of the crew down the mountain to get help. In the
meantime we made the best of the situation. We broke out the camera’s
and started filming. Just by chance a man and his son drove up behind us.
They were going to build a snow cave and camp out for the weekend.
They offered to help us dig out. Luckily they were prepared and had
shovels and chains! After 2 hours of digging we finally freed our
4wheel drive Tundra. Then the guys who helped us got stuck. We
helped them dig out. Then the guys we sent for arrived and they got
stuck. Over 8 hours later and shoveling snow in a 10 degree snow
storm we FINALLY got off the mountain!

After getting home and eating the best chicken Parmesan I ever had,
we realized we got some amazing wicked pics. I guess everything happens for a reason.


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