Spicy Pack
Spicy Pack
Spicy Pack
Spicy Pack
Spicy Pack

Spicy Pack

This package is HOOOOOOT!!!!! If you are one of the few brave souls in this world that can handle the heat, we got you covered! This package includes a bag of each of our spiciest flavors: Sriracha Bacon, Volcanic Jalapeño Beef, and the one and only Carolina Killa Beef Jerky. Don't let the heat scare you away though, the flavor on each of these is insane!!! Now with Buffalo Style Chicken!

This Pack Include:

1 Pack - Buffalo Style Chicken Jerky (2.75oz)

1 Pack - Sriracha Style Bacon Jerky (2oz)

1 Pack - Volcanic Jalapeno Beef Jerky (2.75oz)

1 Pack - Carolina Killa Beef Jerky (2.75oz)

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