Get all the bacon you want in one package!!! This includes 1 pack of Sriracha Bacon Jerky (7.5oz) and 1 pack of Old Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky (7.5oz).

This is the perfect combination of a conventional jerky. It’s easy to chew and extremely tender. If you like our peppered Jerky and our turkey jerky, then you are going to flip out over this one!! There’s a reason we are always out of stock!!

This is REAL STRIPS OF BACON!! Very easy to chew, tender and full of flavor.


This package includes 1 of each of our beef craft jerky flavors MEGA BAGS: Orange Teriyaki, BBQ Mesquite, Original Peppered, and Volcanic Jalapeño!!!

Orange Teriyaki, Original Peppered, Volcanic:

BBQ Mesquite:

Looking for a high protein tasty snack? Look no further this package includes 1 of each of our signature Turkey Jerky flavors: Teriyaki Turkey Jerky & Korean Style BBQ flavor  Turkey Jerky!

This is a very easy to chew, moist, marinated jerky. If you are looking for a more conventional jerky, try our Peppered beef jerky.

***10oz BAGS***

Help yourself to our rugged and robust Ultimate Wicked package, get all of our amazing flavors from sweet to spicy in one convenient pack! Makes perfect gift for yourself or for the jerky fanatic in your life, you just cannot go it!